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Aries Insurance Agent Services.


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At URL we're in the people business. Don't just take our word for it, here's what our agents have to say.


"Christy, Sam, Steve, Elyse, I truly can't say enough good things about all of you. I have dealt with so many people and organizations over the last 13-15 years and I promise, you guys are so above and beyond what I am accustomed to."
– Ryan G.

"Thank you all so much for the quick turnaround today! You guys are absolutely amazing, I have not experienced this level of service EVER in the insurance industry."
– John R.

"I was looking for an insurance agency upline that was geographically closer to me than the one I had previously been working with out in Western PA to be able to network and participate in local events. URL is everything I could want from an upline and more. They truly live by their creed of being "in the people business" and their goal of being a three part relationship between them, you, and the policy holders. They provide the tools necessary for you to take care of your clients and are very approachable with questions or concerns that you have. Despite being a large organization, they still give it a very familial feel. Despite only being here for 6 months, I've gotten personalized check-ins from VPs of the company."
– Trevor K.

"I cannot sing enough praises about Rachel Patton. She presents herself so well by email and that is not always easy to do. She is quick to respond, very knowledgeable, and knows how to make writing life business easy for me. She is great and that reflects on the company. I speak highly of working with URL when networking with other agents because of her."
– Jamie T.

"URL is the best!! Fabulous service and products. Thank you for all you do for your agents."
– Janna F.

"URL does a great job keeping me informed."
– Domenick R.


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"URL is always there for me, and it never goes unnoticed!"
– Joy G.

"Jason has been my lifeline over the last month with LTC. You all are so great to work with and I appreciate everything you do to make our lives easier!"
– Rosemary K.

"Thanks Steve.  The experience and industry knowledge that you & everyone at URL share with your brokers is why I love working with you guys!"
– Mike B.

"My former FMO only paid out monthly for renewals even if it was a replacement. Thank you, Jessica, for 100% answering my question and being so detailed in your reply. Yet another reason why I am so glad I moved my contracts over to URL last year. The entire organization from top to bottom has shown that they really care about providing the best service to their agents. "
– Trevor K.

"The Medicare Connections Conference was wonderful! Great for someone like myself, just getting into the industry. Thank you!"
– Shannon P.

"Outstanding client and customer service, well-rounded, needs-based selling and training."
– Rob M.

"The Medicare Connections Conference is invaluable!! Thank you!"
– Tom B.

"You all do an excellent job!"
– Elizabeth W.

"As always, in my opinion, you guys are amazing!"
– Keith K.

"Team is always very helpful and quick to respond."
– Brooke L.

"URL's people, service, and resources made available to agents are second to none!"
– Mario S.

"Thanks for a great Medicare Connections Conference!"
– Nancy S.

"I'd like to thank Steve for the needs analysis form he provided on our conference call. You guys provide the tools for us to succeed, I appreciate it!"
– Edward V.

"I love how Rachel is so on top of supporting my life apps! She communicates so well and that is not always easy through emails and with producers. I just appreciate her ability to get things done and her support in answering carrier questions. Thank you!"
– Jamie T.

"We are so happy to have partnered with URL, you truly understand the value of relationships and fighting to do right by the customers."
– Tad S.

"Matt, thanks for your quick response and for your two-cents. I value your opinion – that’s why I love working with URL – you are all so knowledgeable and experts at what you do."
– Kathy S.

"I want to thank you for all of your help with these cases. It's hard to imagine this level of support (both with training and direct help) with any other IMO."
– Joe S.

"You are the best! This level of service is 100% why I run as much business as I can through you! I would never even consider using anyone but URL. Thank you so much for everything you do for me!"
– Neil B.

"Seriously thank you! I appreciate that together we can help my clients and I don't have to be a specialist in every area... such as LTC!"
– Gary B.

"Thank you for following up with me on the meeting, the drive out was well worth the education and more importantly seeing the crew."
– Ed V.

"The culture and team at URL made becoming a GEMINI partner a no-brainer. Kudos to URL for a well-executed presentation and business model that we believe in. We are excited to begin working with your team in a greater capacity."
– Josh G.

"Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and introducing me to the right people. Great seminar! You guys are a class act!"
– Arthur C.

"I primarily write Group Health, but URL has been instrumental in helping me transition to the individual market that has become necessary.  I am now looking to place more Group Health business because of the way URL gives back to the agents, such as trips etc.  I hope to place more business with URL in 2014."
– Damian M.

"I would definitely say URL's level of service sets it apart from other MGA's.  From the time I went out on my own (now over 5 years ago), I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the URL staff personally & have developed relationships with so many.  I love that aspect of URL, it's comfortable, and that's how I am with my clients.  For me, it ultimately comes down to people ... Because that's what matters!"
– Tara S.

"Jim McDaniel is outstanding. I don't know where I'd be without his technical expertise – especially using the Dial Your Leads System. What a great marketing tool, and the support Jim provides is even better!"
– Colleen M.

"I think Deb Wilkinson has done a fantastic job keeping agents aware of issues with PPACA through weekly calls and individual emails."
– Bud G.

"You guys are the best in service! Love working with you!"
– Keith K.

"The introduction to URL and the product training provided was without a doubt the most understandable and comprehensive medicare training I have received in a long time. Thanks!"
– Edward M.

"I wanted to express my thanks to you and your staff regarding the 2013 Leaders' Conference weekend in Hershey. I also wanted to thank you for the friendly relationships I have experienced during past trips and seminars and while conducting daily business with URL. I am very pleased with URL’s service. You have put together a great team of professionals and I appreciate working with them. I feel that in addition to having a professional relationship with the staff, I have made friends that I can have fun with during social events. I really appreciate the care I receive from URL."
– Jody B.

"For more than a decade URL has been my back office who has daily proven to be worth their weight in gold. I owe most of my success to their dedicated professionalism in everything they do. Every employee at URL goes out of their way to provide the very best in customer service."
– Bernard N.

"I absolutely love working with URL. Not only do they give back to their agents, but they are also the most sincere and honest FMO I have ever dealt with. I had a conversation last night with one of the department heads and it was after 7:30 pm. That's unheard of elsewhere. That's how dedicated this company is! Concerns are listened to, not just tossed aside."
– Rachelle K.

"URL has been the finest business partner I have ever had. Knowledge, experience, personal service, resources... The list goes on and on. I have been working with these folks for 10 years now and I'm glad they haven't gotten tired of me yet!"
– Rob B.

"URL has done a fantastic job in the face of constant changing 'engagement rules' with the PPACA. They are always available for emails and calls, and respond back very quickly. What makes URL successful is the dedication that each employee projects."
– Elvin G.

"I just wanted to reach out and say I truly enjoyed the entire day yesterday at your Leaders’ Conference! It was very well organized by all of you at URL and I thought it was extremely valuable for me as an agent and I did not take it for granted! Thank you!"
– Shirah L.

"I wanted to thank you all for a great conference! I learned a great deal at the breakout sessions and hope to turn that into production in the near future. I can't say enough how much I appreciate your organization and how you have impacted my business over the years. It's a pleasure doing business with URL!"
– Brooks S.

"Overall I love working with URL, although I've had a few minor issues over the last 20+ years, which will always happen when you work with someone for so long. However, you folks always come through for me when its crunch time, which I sincerely appreciate. One of the best things about URL is their staff, very personable, helpful, friendly and always ready to lend a hand, or make a suggestion. Also everyone is very well trained and maintains the highest level of what a great company exudes and that's directly reflected in the highly capable managers that lead the various teams. I was surprised at the hundreds of brokers that attend your open meetings, and look forward to more of those, as it shows your the leader in the field which we all depend on for our joint livelihood! Glad to be part of the URL family, and I'm looking forward to another 20 years if I'm so fortunate!"
– Rod H.

"I have enjoyed working with the staff of URL. Although I have not worked with all of them yet, those whom I have worked with have responded promptly and professionally to any questions I have. I have attempted to work with others but have not had the personal attention I have experienced through URL! THANK YOU for all you do to assist the agent to succeed!"
– Michael M.

"I use URL for Medicare and they have been outstanding to work with...great educational events, great assistance with problems, quick turnaround on communication!"
– Keith K.

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT! Thank you SO much for your time and support. You are always willing to answer my questions, review my apps, hold my hand and help me work through options. You have taught me so much. Your patience with me is endless and so much appreciated! You guys are awesome and I appreciate all of your help."
– Janna F.

"It's been great! Everyone has been very helpful and pleasant!"
– Donald G.

"URL employees always seem to go that extra mile, to get an answer or to help out with a sale or service question."
– Elvin G.

"URL has afforded me the opportunity to expand my portfolio of offerings as well as streamline these offerings through one house. It also provides me with a support system that can provide me with a wealth of knowledge and a geographical location that is more advantageous. I was told last night at my "Resource Link" meeting that if I did not take full advantage of what URL has to offer I would be selling myself short of new growth opportunities.”
– Carey M.

"Wow thank you so much. URL takes great steps to educate, inform, and make selling insurance easier. Thank you for your generosity!"
– Jon G.

"Neil and I were just thinking about the cruise and we wanted to Thank You, Gary, Ken and Deb for the wonderful time that we had. You always go out of your way to make it special and make everything such great fun! URL is the BEST! Thanks for the great memories!"
– Kathy B.

"On behalf of my organization we wish to extend our appreciation to you, your staff and the guest speakers who took time away from their busy schedules to not only make this webinar a success but to impart their knowledge with us regarding these new healthcare reform legislation issues. A job well done. Thank you for being such gracious hosts. I hope as we progress further into these quick breaking healthcare reform issues you will consider hosting a future webinar."
– Michael M.

"Thank you for your kind words and encouraging thoughts. You truly represent a professional organization. I had worked in the corporate world the past 15 years, and no company has ever acted as professionally as URL. You should be very proud of where you work, and your own personal efforts. We truly look forward to many more great years together."
– Joel K.

"You know, THAT is the reason exact reason I love you guys! You know, I sold Life insurance for 4 years previously to meeting you. I consistently did around $60,000 or more a year in production and you know what I got in return? NOTHING! I never sold enough to go on vacations. The GA’s wife was 1 of 2 administrative people and they NEVER returned my emails; I had to follow up with every question constantly. Our Christmas party was usually in April some time and it was nothing more than a room at a Holiday Inn with some crappy DJ and dry chicken! A simple Thank You goes a long way. So I say... THANK YOU!"
– Steve H.

"For whatever it is worth... Just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Judy Warner and everything that you said was right on! She already has been very helpful thus far. She did not waste any time, she handled all of my questions quickly and helped us get an agent number in hours. She is definitely a value add to your company, her caring attitude meant everything to me."
– Chris S.

"I have been in the Insurance business for 10 years now and I have not met an MGA or an ASR that is so easy to work with. I do feel like you will do whatever we need to get us the most up-to-date information and tracking of our business. URL has been there to help correct problems I had fast and smoothly! I want to thank URL for all they do for me and my agency! I work with other MGA’s and one of the biggest reasons I lose an agent is the lack of follow up and courtesy. But I NEVER found that in dealing with you. Thank you again, I am very glad URL contacted me to do business."
– Pete M.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the hockey tickets! We had a great time - our little guy LOVED it! We really appreciate URL's generosity. I realize right now I am just a "small fish" in the scheme of things, but I am certain that my business will grow. My husband and I look forward to the future along with a continued relationship with URL! Thanks for everything."
– Tara S.

"You are a superstar! I've worked in this business for some time now with many MGA's and Insurance companies and your time, attention, and care is greatly appreciated. We look forward to taking URL to next level for final expense life business."
– Chris S.


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